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Renunciation/Commission Record and Will of John Arundell, dated 24 January 1659/1668. LDS Film #97534, Wills and Admins, Consistory of Sarum, Diocese of Salisbury, Original Wills, A, 1584-1700, Box 1:

Written in Latin and hard to read. JOHANNES ELLIOTT, legum dcor rdi ni ppopris et dni dm Third line has reference to Johannis Norris. 5th line:

subscripta Margerie Strowd vid relict Antonii Strowd dec: Johis Arundell ... de Shefford in com Berks . . . defunct XXVI die menses Junii ano dmi 1668. ffran: Roberts, Regrius Dep.

[rough translation: underwritten MARGERIE STROWD WIDOW RELICT OF ANTHONY STROWD DECEASED . . . JOHN ARUNDELL . . . of Shefford in the county Berks ... deceased ... 26 day of the month Jun anno domini 1668]

The oath to be ministered to MARGERY STROWD WID. You shall . . . that the writeing to theis? presents annexed doth containe in it the true last will and testament of JOHN ARUNDELL late of Shefford abovesd deceased soe far as you doe knowe and beleive and that you will faithfully execute and p'forme the same will by paying his debts and legacies soe far forth as his goods chattles and creditts will thereunto extend and the law shall charge you in that behalfe, and alsoe doe exhibit and true and p'fect inventory of the said JOHN ARUNDELL’S goods and passe an accompt thereupon when you shalbe thereunto lawfully called soe helpe you God by? the contents of this booke .... Booke

The oath above written was ministered to the above named MARGERY STROWD the 27th day of July ano dmi 1668 by mee John Norris.

Next page: Know all men by theis p(resents?) ... that I JOHN STR(OUD) one of the executors in trust of the last will and testament of John Arundell of Shefford in the county Berks deceased doe for good considerations me thereunto moveing renounce and forfit? to take upon me the execution of the same will insureing that the same TO MY SISTER IN LAW MARGERY STROUD (word lined out) of Baydon in Wilts WIDOW the RELICT OF MY BROTHER ANTHONY STROUD ... the … execution of the said will.

In witness whereof I have hereto sett my hand and seale the twentyeth day of June 1668. In the presence of Jo: Wilde, THOMAS STRODE.

Pq 28, will: In the name of God Amen I JOHN ARUNDELL of Shefford in the county of Berks yeoman being sicke in body but of sound and p'fect mind and memory thanks bee given to Almighty God doe make this my last will and testament in manner and form following, renounceing and adnulling all other wills by me made and this to bee my last will and noe other. ffirst I comend my soule to Almighty God my Creator and to Jesus my Redeemer and the Holy Ghost my Comforter and my body to the earth to bee buried according to the discreton of my executor hereafter named. ffirst I will that all the debts I owe in equity or cons ... to any p'son or p'sons whatsoever bee payd within convenient time after my decease. Allsoe my desire is that my messuages and coppieholdes bee imp'ted towards the breeding of my children att the discreton of my executor untill my sonne John and Beniamyn doe attaine to their several ages of ffowretewine? yeares. Allsoe I give and bequeath unto my daughter Hester fforty pounds. Allso I give unto my sonne Symon fforty pounds. Alsoe I give unto my sonne Anthony fforty pounds and if it happen any of the said children before named to dy before the age of one and twenty yeares then the said legacies to bee equally divided betweene such child or such of the said three? children that shall survive and attaine to the age of one and twenty yeares. Alsoe I give to my sonne John the best table bord and two ... three ioynd stooles the malt mill as standers to the house. Alsoe I give to my sonne Beniamyn One? great chest and great kettle and the Little Tablebord three joyned stoles, alsoe all the residue of my goods chattels and utensills unbeaueathed my debts and legacies and funerall chardges payd and disbursed and satisfied I give to my three children Symon Anthony and Hester aforesaid. Allsoe I make MY FATHER-IN-LAW ANTHONY STROUD AND JOHN STROUD MY UNCLE executors in trust for the p'formance of this my last will. Lastly I nominate Thomas Smith and John Hayward Jn of Little Shefford overseers of this my last will, desireing they will be carefull to do their utmost for the p'formance (smear) of my will. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the ffowre and twentieth day of January 1659 and have published this as my last will in the p... Witness. It is my further will and bequest that if my sonne John shall dye and the copieholds of the come to bee inioyed by my sonne Symon before he comes to the age of one and twenty that then my sonne Symons legacy herein bequeathed shall be devided to such of my other children are surviveing. The m'ke of Jo. Arundell. Witness, Symon Arundell, Thomas Pearson or Seamor?

Margeria Stroud viduam die Baydon in comitat Wilts et Johanneus Strowde de Kinbury-Yeaton in comitat Berkes, tanner, \\\ ducentis et quadragintibus? leg'tis mone Anglie solvend … Sigillis … sigillat datum vicesimus septo die mensis July ano dmi 1668. [rough translation: MARGERY STROUD WIDOW of Baydon in the county Wilts and JOHN STROWDE of Kinbury-Yeaton in the county Berks, tanner, \\\ two hundred and forty legal money of England ... Sealed … sealed date of twenty seven day of the month of July anno domini 1668]

The condition is that if the above bounden MARGERY STROUD WIDOW doe well and faithfully execute and p'forme the last will and testament of JOHN ARUNDELL late of Shefford in the county of Berks deceased that is to say doe pay all the debts that the said deceased did owe at the time of his life and death and legacies in his sd will given soe far forth as his goods chattles and creditts will thereunto extend and the law shall charge her in that behalfe and alsoe do exh'it a true inventory of the sd JOHN ARUNDELL’S goods into the Registry of the B'p of Saru(m) at or before the first day of July next comeing and further doe passe a true and p'fect accompt of and upon her said admon with the will annexed when she shalbe thereunto lawfully called. Then this obligation to be void otherwise to remaine in force. Signum Marjorie Strowde. Signum Johannis Strowde. Signat, sigillat et delibat in p(resence? of) Johis Norris, Samuell Norris.


--Submitted by Dan McEver,, as transcribed at Salt Lake City by my researcher, Marian Kenedy. I put the key names and relationships in capital letters so they are easier to read.


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