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John Mendenhall

son of Aaron Mendenhall and Lydia Richardson, was born 19 August, 1806 in Middleton, Butler Co, Ohio. He and his family moved to Richmond, Indiana some time before the Civil War. He was a tanner. Much of his share of his father's estate went to the education of his younger brother, George, who became an eminent physician. John died of tuberculosis, 7 September, 1868 and is buried at Earlham Cemetery in Wayne Co, Indiana.

Hannah Milhous

daughter of William Milhous, Jr. and Martha Vickers, was born 1 April, 1814 in Colerain, Belmont Co, Ohio. She and John Mendenhall were married 30 September, 1835, at Short Creek Meeting in Jefferson Co, Ohio. After John's death, Hannah married Hiram Hough on 6 December, 1877 in Wayne Co, Indiana. Hannah died 11 November, 1903 in Richmond, Indiana and is buried at Earlham Cemetery. Hannah Milhous Nixon, President Richard Milhous Nixon's mother, was named for Hannah Milhous Mendenhall.

John and Hannah Mendenhall

Of their five children, only their son, William Mendenhall, had children. The other children, like their father, died of tuberculosis.

Above data is from Descendants of William Milhous, Jr. and Martha Vickers, 1971, by Dorothy Z. Milhous and Hazel A. Stewart and was submitted by Bill Finch .

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