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Mildenhall Millrace & Cecily

Cecily is standing by the millrace, which still flows under the building, and the water can still be used to drive the works. The mill people referred us to the grandmother of the family that farmed the property on the north side of the road. She was the daughter-in-law of the last miller. They thought she might know of any Mildenhalls still living around the area.

The enclosed front porch was used as a starting house for seedlings, rather than a living porch. Inside the house much of the furnishings were an eclectic mix, much of it pre-1940s, and a lot of pre-twenties as well. The kitchen range was what appeared to be a wood burner, with an ever ready tea kettle warm on it. The woman, her son and one of her grandsons decided that yes there were some Mildenhalls left. A couple of them used to live in Ramsbury, and they thought there was somebody living in Aldbourne. Nobody around Mildenhall anymore though. However, they did mention, as did the mill people, that some American named Mendenhall had moved back to England some years back and had visited around, but lived closer to the south coast, they thought.

We treasure this little episode because for a brief moment we had a window on a life that is almost completely gone - a vision of 60 or even 80 years ago.

Photos of Mildenhall, Wiltshire by Cecily Taylor Cummings Wood and Ralph Bernard Wood, July 1993

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