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Mildenhall (Minal) Church Yard

Facing straight south from the church, you can now clearly see the "fence" of gravestones. This lovely church yard is actually a cemetery. Acid rain has rendered thousands of years of gravestones unreadable. Even stones erected in 1968 were almost totally ruined. So, since they no longer serve any useful purpose, many churches have moved them to the edges of the property, in order to "gang mow" (use tractors trailing three or 5 mowers spaced to cut an ultra wide swath of lawn).

The barn is the property of a farm just to the south of the church. It is an exceptionally large barn and looks similar to one at Avebury and one at Sissinghurst, so we wondered if it wasn't a genuine tithe barn.

Photos of Mildenhall, Wiltshire by Cecily Taylor Cummings Wood and Ralph Bernard Wood, July 1993

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