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Inventory of Tho's Piersons Estate
filed ye 27th 9th 1722 [27th of November, 1722]

The Inventorey of Thomas Pierson goods and chatels
of the township of Caln
deseased the twenty ninth of September 1722

To A bond from John Mendenhall amounting to2040
To A bond from Aaron Mendenhall amounting to1523
To A bond from Jacob Way amounting to704
To A bond from John Spruce amounting to540
To too bills from John Whiteside amounting to2116
To Michal Harlton Juneyor for one hors3100
To William Buffington030
To wearing cloes [clothes]560
To a Chest0100
To a beed [bed] and what belongs their to500
To a Chest and too sChers [chairs]0100
To too [two] pare of Sheers [shears]040
To a pare of stelerds [steelyard, a counterbalance type of weight]100
To a sadel [saddle] and bags0100
To a ould putor pot and a pare of tongs030
To Sorveing [surveying] Instrements and what belongs theirto100
To a ould Cane050
To a Casement [i.e., a hinged window pane]040
To a Scripts [i.e., documents]0100
To a sliver [silver] inkhorn0100
To three pare of spectteles [spectacles]020
To books100
To rezzors [razors]030
To a mare and colt400
To botels [bottles]019
To too [two] ould bags020
[Declared?] by us this nineteen day of November 1722
John Earl?
Jo: Cloud

There are a lot of misspelled words, but I think I figured them out. Thomas Pierson's executor was his son-in-law, John Mendenhall. I kind of expected more than one pound worth of surveying equipment. I was impressed with his 3 pair of spectacles in particular. All that surveying no doubt strained the ole eyesight!

Adman Bond of
John Mendenhall fil'd the
4th 8mth 1722

Thos Pierson

Know all men by these presents That Wee John Mendenhall junr of the Township of Caln in the County of Chester and province of the Pensilvania yeoman Thomas Barnard of the Township of Chichester in the County and province afsd Carpenter and Jacob Raman of the Township of Chester in the County and province afsd Cordwainer are held and firmly bound unto Peter Evans Regst General? for the probate of will & Granting Letters of Adman in and for the province afsd for Eighty Pounds - - - of lawfull silver money of America To be payd to the sd Peter Evans his Estrp? Administrators or assigns To which payment well and truly to be made we bind our selves our selves our heirs Estrp? and Admstr and every of them joyntly and severally firmly by these presents Sealed with afsd Seale Dated the fourth Day of October Ano Dom 1722 ----

The Condicon of this obligacon is such That if ye above bounden John Mendenhall Administrotor of all and Singular the Goods Chattles and Creditts of Thomas Peirson Deced Do make or Cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all & Singular the Goods Chattles and Creditts of the said Decedt which have or Shall Come to the hands possession or knowledge of the said John Mendenhall or into the hands and possession of any other person or persons for him and the Same So made Exhibitt or Cause to be Exhibitted into the Regstry office for the County of Chester on or before the fourth Day of November next Ensueing and the same Goods Chattles and Creditts of the said Decedt at the time of his Death or which at any time after Shall come to the hands or possession of the sd John Mendenhall or into the hands and possession of any other person or persons for him Do well and truly administer according to Law and farther do make or Cause to be made a true and Just Acccount of thy said administracon on or before the fourth day of October which will be in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twenty three And all the rest of residue of the said Chattles and Creditts which Shall be found remaining upon the said administrators account the Same being first Examined and allowed of by the orphans Court of the County of Chester Shall deliver and pay unto such person and persons respectively of the said Court by its ____ or Sentence persuant? to law? Shall himself? and appoint bond? if it shall hereafter appear that any last will and testament was made by the Decedt and ye Executor or Executors therein named Do Exhibitt into the Regts office for the said County making request to have it allowed and approved of Accordingly If the said John Mendenhall being thereunto requested Do render up and deliver the said Letter of Adman Approbacon of such Testament being first had and made at the said office then this obligacon to be void or else to be and remain in full force and vertue? with Effect er?

Sealed and Delivered John Mendenhall
in the presence of ---
Peter Dicks Thomas Barnard
Jo: Parker Jacob Ramen

John Mendenhall's Acct
upon Thos Piersons Estate ---
filed ye 27th 9mth 1723

The Account of John Mendenhall Admistr of the Estate of Thomas Pierson late of Calne -- Deced and of the adman? by him as well as of such Goods Chattles and Creditts of the said Decedt as he hath receivd as also what Debts -- of the said Decedt he hath payd and money accordingly? laid out and Expended? in and about Administering the Estate of the said Decedt as followeth Chester 1722

The said Accountant Chargeth himself with all and Singular the Goods Rights and Creditts of the said Decedt ________ in an Inventory thereof Exhibitted into the Regstry office for the County of Chester amounting to - - - - - 74 . 15 . 10

John Mendenhall Adminstr of the above sd Thomas Pierson upon his Solemn affirmation according to Law Declareth and Sayeth that the above account is a true amount of his administracon upon the aforsd Estate

Affirmed at Chester ye 27th 9mth 1722

Coramis? Parker DRegstry John Mendenhall
The said Accountant Craveth? allowance of the Severale Sums of money hereafter invested? by him payd and Expended in and about administering the Estate of the said Decedt as followeth ---

By Cash to a Coffin1100
By Cash to William Sinclair for Digging the Grave046
By Cash to Joseph Taylor for Rum? and Sugar6012
By Cash to Beer? and Provisions as preceipts [i.e., prescribed]146
By Cash for Two Months Diet as afsd agreement200
By Cash for Attending the Testator in his Illness Nine months
at 20 S [shillings] per Week
By Cash pd _____ Parker for Granting letter of Adman filing
Inventory and Copy
By Cash pd George Mendenhall for Cooperidge047
By Cash for Drawing this acct filing and Copy0180 1/2
By Cash to my Commission for Greiving? [i.e., general financial burden?]3149
and paying of 74p 15s - at - 3 1/2? sd Court
By his? omission for Attendance 3 weeks more at 20 S per afsd
TOTAL 50810 1/2

To all Thomas Pierson descendants (father-in-law of John Mendenhall, son of the immigrant John), I found this estate record on microfilm at the Chester County Historical Society in West Chester, PA. I typed from those original records what you see here. They are quoted as I found them, except for my corrected spellings and comments in brackets. From the record of John Mendenhall's account, it appears that Thomas Pierson spent his illness with his daughter Susanna and husband (John Mendenhall) during the last nine months of his life.--Dan McEver

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22 Nov 1997
Estate Records - Thomas Pierson d 29 Sep 1722

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